Earthquake Magnitude 6.9 Hit Tibet


A powerful earthquake is measured 6.9 on the Richter scale pushed Arunachal Pradesh, India. There was no immediate report even of casualty.

The tremble just occurred around 4 am with its epicenter locating in Tibet’s prefecture. It is close to Arunachal Pradesh.

The strong earthquake was followed by a magnitude of 5 trembles around the same place which is in Tibet.

The trembling caused a power failure and buildings got damaged in the prefecture.

The first earthquake had just struck at the depth of about 10km. And it is while the second quake struck at the depth of about 6 km.

Can get rescue and relief:

Local officials were always on high alert or intimation for the emergency rescue or the call and can easily get the relief operations from them.

Losses by quake:

On the day of Tuesday, earthquake magnitude of 7.3 had killed 530 people and almost injured nearly 8000 people in Iran. It was the most deadly in many years.

14provinces or at least in the country were also affected by the earthquake which was destroyed by two whole villages and got damaged 30,000 houses.

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