Earband V08: World’s First Smart Bracelet with Detachable Earpiece

earband v08, smart bracelet

The world’s first two in one bracelet, helps you keep in touch with things that matter most to you. No missing calls, no text messages goes unnoticed and more importantly, the Smart Bracelet will help you keep truck of your health.

Functions of Earband V08

For incoming calls, remove the earpiece from the bracelet and insert it in the ear.

To mute an incoming call, you tap once on the earpiece. And to reject a call, you long press on the earpiece.

The earpiece also displays names of callers, text messages, and E-mails on its 0.96′ OLED screen.

Apart from calls and text notifications, V08 also has features like voice activation assistance that enables you to make a call by merely mentioning the name of the contact person on your phone.

Other Outstanding Functions of V08

Distance track and calories – V08 records the distance you have walked, the number of steps taken and calories burned.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The bracelet helps in monitoring the continuous heart rate 24 hours per day, it gives a heartbeat report in every 10 minutes, and in case the functioning is abnormal, the bracelet vibrates as a sign of warning.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

The smart bracelet comes with both automatic and manual blood testing modes. The blood can be tested manually during the day, but at night when asleep, you switch to automatic mode.

Alarm Clock and Stopwatch

Earband V08 is made up of more than 20 different types of customized alarm clock icons that allow you to set your time with an icon of your choice. No missing any critical event. V08 also has a stopwatch that will help you in countdown functions.

Mass production and shipping are expected to kick off in January 2018, as campaign to collect funds is ongoing on Indiegogo.