DuckDuckGo Wants To Keep Your Surfing Safe and Private


A privacy-focused search engine, DuckDuckGo announced the launching of an updated mobile app tracker and a browser extension with privacy features. The features aim at keeping users safe from prying beyond the search box.

The anti-tracking search engine of the DuckDuckGo’s flagship will not change. However, the refurbished browser extension and the mobile app will allow the internet users access to new features. These features will help keep the internet users browsing activities as private and safe as possible.

The new Features Or Tools That DuckDuckGo Will Offer To User

The new tools or features the company will offer the users to help keep them safe while browsing includes:

  • A summary of their terms of service
  • Website’s grade ratings that will show the users how they performed online,
  • And factoring their use of data to help prevent unauthorized access.

The ability to block ad tracking networks is another crucial feature. Big companies like Facebook and Google use such systems to trace the users globally while collecting and joining together their browsing histories so that they can come up with a precise profile for targeted advertising. However, DuckDuckGo says that its software has the ability to trace, expose and block such trailers.

The company says that the app is accessible by all Android, iOS, Firefox, Chrome and Safari users worldwide.

Since its foundation in 2009, DuckDuckGo has become popular despite being like a small fish in a massive pond. At the beginning of the year 2017, the company recorded an increase of over 10 billion visitors searching and downloading the app. And one year later, the company’s figure has grown to over 50 percent; the number now stands at 16 billion searches.

Gabriel Weinberg, CEO at DuckDuckGo says that internet users’ privacy desire is so strong according to the figures recorded. He also said that the more internet users use features provided by companies like DuckDuckGo, the more the tech companies will reconsider how they run their online business and respect the users’ privacy.