Dronecyborg, the tiniest drone in the world


The world of technology is growing very big each and every year. This is demonstrated by discoveries and new inventions that are being made by scientists from all over the world. The latest findings are making it easier for humans to work and helping people in various ways. Some of these discoveries may be machines, or it also can be the combination of machines and living things. Recently, scientists have developed a very small drone that can be used as a spy. The very small drone is being called DragonflEye. DragonflEye development is inspired from nature that combines technology with live insects. Do you want to know more about DragonflEye?

A Glimpse of DragonflEye

DragonflEye is a combination of dragonflies and very small sensors. It aims to read, collect data and see any place that cannot be visited by people. The dragonfly is also equipped with onboard cells power that can be piloted by the remote on the pilot. Thus, any person holding their remotes can control the movements of the DragonflEye. DragonflEye is a drone cyborg that can be used remotely.


How does the System Exist on DragonflEye?

DragonflEye is the brainchild of R & D Draper. This technology was first introduced in January and heavily relied on optogenetics. Optogenetics is used to combine several parts of the anatomy of insects with a material that responds and produces light at a certain wavelength. This will help insects navigate by a person through a remote. In other words, technological devices such as backpacks are physically mounted on insects back. This technology is a combination of miniature navigation, neurotechnology and synthetic biology that seeks to guide insects move according to what we want.According to Draper, and the potential applications of DragonflEye include pollination, cargo delivery, observation, precision treatment and also diagnostics.ough there are some ethical questions to be asked here.

Though there are some ethical questions to be asked here. Is it really worth it to manipulate insects for our personal gain? I don’t think so. They have the same rites to live on earth freely. New innovations are important for the growth of human civilisation until it is not being misused. What is your opinion on this matter? Let us know in the comment section down below.