If You Don’t Mind the Price, Arlo 2 Smart Camera Is What You Need For Your Home Security System

Arlo 2, Smrt camera, home security system

The era of hiring home security guards to watch your home while you’re away is long gone. It is time to embrace the new world, and adopt new ways of doing things. And tech companies are working day and night tirelessly to make sure of this. You can now keep your home safe with a smart camera, or an advanced home security system.

It’s not a cheap thing though, especially for those who prefer fully-pledged security system.

The most recent addition to the world of home security systems is the Arlo 2 smart camera for home security. It is a wireless camera that works both indoors and outdoors.

Among the outstanding and enticing features of Arlo 2 smart camera include:

  • It’s completely wireless
  • It has a full HD resolution of 1080p
  • It is weatherproof
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery recharged twice a year

The Arlo 2 also has a free cloud storage for seven days, a two-way audio and a large field of view of up to 130 degrees.

Installation and Maintenance

It’s quite easy to install and maintain the Arlo 2. The system comes with a base station and two cameras. To manage the system, you plug the base station into your router; you can back your recording up locally by connecting an external hard disc to the base.

After you’ve synchronized your camera with the base station, you can now use the magnetized mounting that comes with the camera and a screwdriver to mount the system onto any wall. The installation will take at most five minutes.

Arlo 2, Smart Camera, Home security system
Arlo 2 Extended mounts

The free mounting provided by Netgear is short, not a limitation though, but you can get extended mounts from the company at $19. The extensions will be beneficial if you want to mount the smart camera at the corner of your house.

Maintaining the system is the easiest of all. Arlo 2 has an android app for maintenance. With the app, you can schedule the running time for the camera, or set it to wake up every time you leave your house. The smart camera will send a push notification to your smartphone through the app when it detects a sound or movement.

Arlo 2, Smart Camera, Home security system
Arlo 2 Camera and its Solar charger

As said earlier, the camera has a rechargeable battery that runs for six months under ordinary circumstances. Netgear also has a solar panel that will keep the camera running throughout, selling at $79.

Arlo 2 has a free cloud recording for up to one week for five cameras. If you have ten cameras, you’ll have to subscribe to a monthly service fee of $10 per camera to keep your cloud footage for one month. The monthly subscription will only work for plugged in cams.

Arlo 2 Downsides

  1. For a fully-fledged smart home security system, Arlo 2 is going to be highly expensive. The Base Kit alone will cost you $479, and another $220 for its two cameras. As if you haven’t paid enough, there’s an annual subscription fee of $120 per camera for cloud recording, $220 for the two cameras. If you do your math correctly, the initial price you’re going to pay to Netgear is at least $800. Then you will remain with the cloud recording subscription fee of $240 every subsequent year. This price is only for two cameras.
  2. The other significant downside of Arlo 2 is the reliability from the company. For example, Arlo subscribers went without the service for over 15 hours last week. And what is worse, Netgear didn’t say anything about the issue until four hours elapsed. What you want is a 24-hour security system, which we hope Netgear will ensure their system never goes down again, as they promised after coming back online.

Every point noted, Arlo 2 is still a great smart camera for an improved home security system. The price is quite high, costly to be precise, but, maybe, it is worth a try.

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