“I’ve Lived Through the Aftermath of a Disaster,” Salma Hayek as She Donated $100k to the Victims of the Mexico Earthquake


A Mexican movie star, Salma Hayek has pledged $100,000 to UNICEF through her Crowdrise campaign to help earthquake victims. The 51-year-old actress also revealed that she is a survivor of an earthquake of a similar magnitude that occurred in Mexico in 1985.

“I am starting a Crowdrise to try to raise money to help families who are going through this nightmare right now in Mexico.” Said Hayek.

On an Instagram post, the star says that after the 1985 earthquake in Mexico, she was evacuated from her building. She lost many friends including a very close uncle of hers to that disaster.

As at the time she was speaking, Salma Hayek and her Crowdrise campaign had raised $230,000. “Many people and children are hurt and in terrible need, please join me and contribute what you can.” She wrote in an Instagram post.

Other celebrities sent supportive messages to the Mexican victims and let them know that they were thinking about them. The Harry Potter writer, on Wednesday, urged people to donate. J.K Rowling shared his Oxfam Appeal’s donation link (http://bit.ly/2wxjMff) on Twitter, saying that he was in Mexico just the other month.

Salma Hayek was grateful that her family was safe in the unaffected areas of Mexico City. Some celebrities were affected directly by the Earthquake; Eva Longoria, for example, revealed that her family is in Mexico.

Many buildings crumbled, 40 of which are in Mexico City alone.

Mexico has recently seen three devastating calamities in a row. First, it was the Hurricane Katia that occurred early in September, followed by two high magnitude earthquakes, one of which coincided with the 32nd anniversary of that of 1985.

According to Authorities, over 200 people lost their lives following the earthquake.

Salma Hayek