Donald Trump Tried to Use Usain Bolt in His Fight Against the NFL but Failed Terribly


United States’ president Donald Trump on Tuesday night tried to use the Jamaica’s legendary athlete Usain Bolt to slam the protesting National Football League players, he, however, failed terribly as his attempt received hostile reactions from Jamaica and beyond.

Donald Trump tweeted a 2012 video of the Jamaican star of all time interrupting an interview to stand for America’s national anthem in Rio de Janeiro.

“Even Usain Bolt from Jamaica, one of the greatest runners and athletes of all time, showed RESPECT for our National Anthem!” tweeted Trump.

President Trump got many people very upset when he attacked the free agent Colin Kaepernick at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama on Friday. The NFL players chose to go down on one knee during the pre-match national anthem sessions to protest against racial injustices and police brutality towards the people of color.

Donald Trump’s attempt wasn’t received as he expected as Team Jamaica, a Caribbean Island’s group of Sports enthusiasts jumped to the athlete’s defense immediately.

“Please leave the BOSS out of your politricks,” tweeted Team Jamaica. The tweet was followed by other sentimental tweets that showed clearly that no one had fallen for the Trump’s tricks. One tweet that stood out read, “Trump translator: ‘Even this black guy stands for the anthem. All other blacks should too.”

Donald Trump, Usain Bolt, NFLSince the beginning of the protests, NFL players have been staying seated, kneeling with one knee or locking arms as a sign of oneness. Sometimes they have remained outside the football pitch during the anthem session and returned to start the match after the anthem.