Donald Trump Discarded The Protection Provided By Barack Obama Against Floods!


Former USA President Barack Obama had introduced many standards for the flood protection. The president of America, Donald Trump had signed an executive order few days before the hurricane. In that order, he had discarded most of the flood protection standards of Barack Obama.

Damages Caused By Flood

The flood has caused great damage to the city. Its level has reached up to 30 cm within 48 hours. Donald Trump wants to ratify the project of Infrastructure. For approving the project, Trump scrapped many flood standards.

Measures Introduced By Barack Obama

In 2015, Barack Obama introduced many measures for providing protection against flooding. According to these standards, it was difficult to build road, bridges and other infrastructure in the areas which were prone to flooding. If somebody was building the infrastructure in that area then they had to take legal permission for that.  They have to make it sure that the infrastructure will be able to survive any climatic changes in the future.

Trump has nullified these standards saying that they are slowing down the plans for new infrastructures. Donald Trump announced the decision in the month of August.

Donald Trump’s Decision Is a Serious Threat to the Environment

Donald Trump’s decision was liked by many businessmen of that area. The persons who were concerned about the protection of the environment were against Trump’s decision.

Rachel Cleetus is the climate policy manager. She warned about the consequences before the project was approved. She told that the money which is invested in the infrastructure will be washed away.