Domino & Ford to Test Self Driving Pizza Delivery Cars!

Domino & Ford to Test Self Driving Cars,c_limit/Ford_Dominos-TA.jpg

Care for a Pizza? You ordered one and instead of Pizza Delivery dude you got a Ford car with no driver in it to deliver a Pizza. Sounds cool right? It seems like this may be happening very soon. You’ll be receiving pizza from as self driving Ford Fusion Hybrid cars soon because Domino & Ford are testing self driving pizza delivery cars. I Wonder how you’ll tell it to keep the change!

Details about Domino & Ford Self Driving Pizza Delivery Cars Test

According to Freep, The test will be carried out in Ann Arbor. Domino’s will test whether customers will like this new method. The car won’t come over to your door and knock it. You have to go out to get the Pizza yourself.

“We are delivery experts; this is where the industry is going,” said Russell Weiner, president of Domino’s USA. “We think we are the right company, and we certainly are working with the right partner to make this happen.”

The idea is that you have to walk a bit to get the pizza but you’ll save some cost and car won’t take any tip!

On the other side, Ford’s vice president of autonomous and electric vehicle stated “”When you look at moving goods, there are perishable goods, which are difficult to do, like we are experimenting with Domino’s, and then there are nonperishable goods,”

Let’s hope for the best for this new test by Domino & Ford

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