A Dog Crashed a Wedding Ceremony and Slept on the Bride’s Veil

dog sleep on wedding dress

Simply imagine that you almost are ready for your wedding and everything is going perfectly. The person you want to spend the rest of the whole life with is standing next to you. You look every bit as amazing as you better half does. Then something totally unexpected happens. Next, you have a take that, with the wedding crasher into life.

This has happened to Matheus and Marilia on their wedding day. They simply couldn’t believe it when a dog wandered into their wedding. But the reaction was awesome by the couple.

They were about to exchange vows and say I do and they run down aside and live happily ever after this moment. But that is when an uninvited guest that is dog decided to make an appearance in their wedding.


Brazil was dreadful that day. There was a major storm that brought rain.

Two shocks for that couple:

This was what forced the couple to have their ceremony under a tent. But that was not only the shock they go.

dog sleep on wedding dress

It was also a dog who wanted to stay dry, came to the wedding as all the guests had taken their seats. Despite being pushed out, the muddy dog made his way back and settled on the bride’s veil.


Take a nap on veil:

Now it was taking a nice nap on bridal veil. That is the only thing the couple does laugh. By this point, no one had the heart to force the dog to leave the ceremony. By this couple allowed to the dog to sleep.

The bride loves animals very much. So she and her husband tracked him. And took a week then contacted and were reunited with the dog once again.

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