DeVos to revoke Obama’s Sexual Assault Guidelines


Trump’s Grudge with Obama’s policies

Everyone can see an unexpressed grudge of Trump with the former President Barack Obama. Donald Trump has been scrapping several policies of Obama ever since he became the U.S President. He nullified the DACA policy lately. The policy was started for immigrant children in 2012 by Obama. Now, in a recent turn of events, the Education Secretary of Trump has indicated yet another revoke of a major policy.

Guidelines for Sexual Misconduct in School Campus

Betsy DeVos is the Education Secretary of U.S. She said in an interview with CBS news on Thursday that they are planning to revoke the guidelines of 2011 for the inspection of sexual misconduct in the schools. The guidelines were given by former President Barack Obama.

The 2011 Guidelines

In 2011, the rate of campus sexual assaults grew alarmingly. Obama’s administration responded by issuing a ‘Dear Colleague’ letter. It consisted of guidelines to investigate sexual misconduct. It was applicable to over 7000 federal funded universities. It gave the permission to accusers for appealing not-guilty findings. The guidelines also stated that not following the guidelines would result in the withholding of the federal funds for the university.

The stand of DeVos

DeVos has said that her department would develop such guidelines that would protect the victim and make certain of a fair hearing for accused at the same time. She added that it would take time to revoke the previous guidelines. She earlier stated that the current policy would be revised based on public feedback, institutional knowledge, professional expertise, and experiences of students.

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