Your Device is at risk if you are using Facebook Messenger!


The Malware Attack through Facebook Messenger 

Facebook is a social media giant. There is hardly any strong competition for Facebook in its field. It has the most number of active users. Facebook boasts 1.9 billion active users per month. Facebook also provides its messaging app ‘Facebook Messenger’ for message service on mobile phones. The popularity of Facebook is what has endangered the whole world.

Recently, a dangerous malware is being circulated through Facebook Messenger.  The malware gets passed on through the affected contacts of yours. It comes in the form of some fake videos or memes.

What does the malware do?

 The malware is programmed to monitor your browsing. It keeps a track of all your browsing history. This helps the makers of the malware to know about your frequently visited pages. This allows them to prompt the custom ads generating money for the creators.

How does it work? 

The malware redirects its victim to a Google Docs page. The malware gets user’s profile photo from Facebook to display on Google Docs page. Further, a YouTube look alike page displays a playable video. Clicking on the video will again redirect you to other similar sites. This gathers all the information about the operating system, web browser and lots of other things.

What do the experts say?

David Jacoby is a Kaspersky Lab security specialist. Jacoby had analyzed the attack. He said that the malware was designed to make its detection difficult. He added that it was very sophisticated. He further said that those criminals were earning huge amount of money from this. They also got access to numerous Facebook accounts in the process.