Devastating Earthquake Hits Italian Island Ischia, 2 Killed And Dozens Injured


A magnitude 4 earthquake hit a small Italian island Ischia. At least 2 people died and dozens were severely injured. The rescue team rescued 3 children from those rubbles and the rescue work is ongoing in attempts to free more people. Ischia is regarded as a popular tourist destination.

On Monday night around 9 pm, the island was hit by a devastating earthquake. As a result, more than 30 people were injured and it left 2,600 people homeless. Many people got trapped under the rubbles of destroyed buildings. After 14 hours of struggle, rescue teams managed to bring Pasquale 7 months old, Mattias (8yr) and Ciro (11yr) back to safety. Cairo is being praised for his bravery as he literally saved his brothers life by hiding him under a bed. Also, he repeatedly stuck the rubble with a broom in order to draw rescuers attention. His father was rescued earlier that day and his mother escaped from a window. The 2 dead women are yet to be identified.

Pasquale being rescued

The earthquake caused significant damage to the island. Though a magnitude 4 earthquake is not very dangerous. But the geographic situation made the earthquake more devastating. This happens when a part of the land is more fragile than its surrounding area. As a result, the buildings on that land were vulnerable. Being an island made the situation even worse. The illegal houses make the island even more vulnerable to this types of earthquakes.

There are a lot of illegal houses in Ischia around 2,00,000. Government officials said they will look into this matter so that they can assure the safety of their citizens. The fire fighters did an amazing job of rescuing people. Without them and their hard work, the casualties could have been much more.

The Island is healing quickly from this earthquake and business was as usual on Tuesday.