If You Are From Delhi, Stop Your Morning Runs Because Of This Surprising Reason


This Year, firecracker sales were banned in Delhi. Supreme court ordered the ban in this October. Hence the reports from this year suggest that this year air quality was better than last year. Though it was nowhere near the health limit. People had managed to dodge the ban. As a result, the following morning of Diwali was 18 times more polluted than the health standards.

The Indian Medical Association called the situation a medical emergency. Even it was suggested that the Delhi Half Marathon should be cancelled. Here are seven reasons why you should stop your morning joggings immediately.


The air quality index in Delhi is crossing the 300 danger mark in many places. It is considered very unhealthy and hazardous


The negative effects of pollution can be overcome by running but only when you are breathing clean air while running.


Exercising in an air-polluted area will eventually do more harm to your body. We take deeper breaths while exercising. 


This air pollution will increase the risks of high BP, heart attack and strokes among runners.


If you train in polluted cities then your body will have a much higher level of lead.


It will increase the chances of respiratory disorders and even result in immature mortality.


There is strong evidence to confirm that bad air quality can worsen asthma or different existing lung conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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