Daddy Yankee donates $1 million Towards His Native Island, Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Aid


Daddy Yankee has donated $1 million in relief aid towards rebuilding the Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico Island.

The Puerto Rico native rapper said that he felt “the call” to stand by his people after Hurricane Maria destroyed their homes. On a statement to the Associated Media, the 40-year old Yankee said that his primary goal was to see many Puerto Rico residents safely under a roof.

Daddy Yankee, who was born San Juan said that part of his donation would go to Feeding America, the Habitats for Humanity, the American Red Cross and the rest of the money to Local Organizations.

The Despacito hitmaker said that what is happening on the island at the moment is unbelievable. According to Daddy Yankee, there is no power nor communication connections in Puerto Rico, stating that everyone was up and down trying to recollect and rebuild what Hurricane Maria left. The singer says that water and food supplies left on the Island would last for at most a week, and when the stocks are out, everything will turn to chaos. “We don’t want that,” he said.

The singer stated that he was working with the community, fans, and everyone in a position to donate towards reviving Puerto Rico. Daddy Yankee said that for Puerto Rico to be up again, it is going to take a good strategy of mobilization. Talking to Associated Press, he assured the people of Puerto Rico that help is coming. Assuring them that everyone was involved in a way, from the American government to the celebrities and fans as well.

Born Ramon Ayala Rodriguez, Daddy Yankee’s permanent residence is on the Island of Puerto Rico.