Cut your Electricity Bills with Glow Smart Home Energy Tracker


Is your electricity bill a little too high than you expect it to be? Well, it is for many people. And if it is for you too, then you need to install the Glow Smart Home Energy Tracker in your home.

What is Glow?

Glow is the world’s first ever ambient smart home energy tracker that is fit for everyone to use. It gives the homeowners a real-time feedback on the energy consumption around the house. It uses a wireless sensor that analyses the energy usage and sends it back to an elegantly designed display screen. The display shows every corner of the house in different shades of colors, making it easy to monitor the energy usage around the house.

The gadget is designed to help you reduce power wastage as it gives you an automatic and immediate feedback whenever there is power wastage taking place in any corner of the house. This device will help you to not only retain some dollars in your bank account, but it will also help you improve your home environment.

How Does Glow Work?

Glow employs the magnetoresistive sensing technology to measure your house electricity consumption. It then analyses and masters when and how power is used in your home. If the energy consumption goes beyond normal, Glow will turn amber, and then to red. When it senses that you are saving some money, this impressive device turns to green.

Glow will go an extra mile and send you a notification to your phone when there is an unwanted power consumption taking place in the house like if there an unoccupied room with lights on, or someone left the oven turned on.

Ben Lachman designed Glow Smart Home Energy Tracker specifically to bring your electricity bills down. Glow will be available on the markets mid next year.