Curiosity Rover Completes 5 Years On Mars


This Saturday Curiosity rover completed its 5th year on Mars and it has been a great frontier for Mars exploration. To celebrate that moment Curiosity played itself the Happy Birthday song.

5 years ago on 6th August Curiosity landed on Aeolis Palus in Gale Crater. Since then it is doing continuous research and sending data back to Earth. Consequently, it found organic chemicals and methane. On the other hand, it has sent some very high definition pictures of Mars for us.

But Curiosity is alone there, very alone. So to celebrate its birthday its parents programmed the Happy Birthday song for it.

NASA also released a time-lapse of its journey through Mars.

Curiosity is going to die on Mars but whatever it is enjoying its time there.

Wish you Happy Birthday and keep sending those amazing pictures.