Cristiano Ronaldo Confirms That He Won’t Be Renewing His Contract with Real Madrid


Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that he doesn’t intend to renew his contract with Real Madrid. The news comes after the 32-year footballer scored Madrid’s only goal as they lost 3-1 to Tottenham Hotspurs.

There had been rumors that star had been pushing for a pay rise to reach Neymar and Messi’s levels of income. Neymar became the most expensive superstar after signing a remunerative contract with PSG, while Messi extended his contract with his current club, FC Barcelona.

Cristiano Ronaldo, however, denied the rumors and said that he is okay with his current contract terms with Real Madrid. He further added that the agreement elapses in 2021, and he has no intentions of renewing it.

Real Madrid lost for the first in five years in their group H, and Cristiano is not very happy about it. He called on to his team to up their game to get back to their spot. The 3-1 lose placed Real Madrid second in group H, three points behind Tottenham Hotspurs.

Ronaldo also noted that his current team is not as dominant as that of last season. Real Madrid lost very talented stars in summer and brought in the less experienced players like Dani Ceballos and Theo Hernandez. Big stars like the Colombian James Rodriguez who won the 2014 world cup golden boots and the Portuguese veteran defender Pepe all left Madrid during that time.

The Portuguese claimed after the match that it could be terrible for his team to lose 3-0, saying that Hotspurs first goal was offside, just like in Girona. Whether a misfortune or merely a fall in form, Real is undergoing a very tough period at the moment. Their 2-1 loss to Girona on Sunday placed them 8 points behind the La Liga leaders, FC Barcelona.

Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his concerns on their current losing streak. He said that the situation is terrible for the club, claiming that they’re used to winning and now they’re losing. He also expressed his confidence in his teammates and said that they still have time to return to their place.