This Is The First Country To Clone Dogs Via Gene Editing


Sinogene is a private biotechnology company in China. The company has successfully cloned a dog named Long Long. The dog is created through somatic cell cloning. This is the world’s first dog clone created by gene editing. Let’s know how this gene editing works.

Dog Cloning Through Gene Editing

Since the cloning of Dolly in 1997, scientists have turned to other mammals such as dogs, rats, cows, goats, pigs, cats, rabbits and horses. Consequently, Scientists in China choose dogs for cloning. He is the first dog cloned via gene editing. Long Long is not related to the surrogate mother. Long Long is also an imitation of an apple dog. The world’s first dog was born through gene editing. This dog was born on 28 May. Another replacement dog gave birth to two cloned dogs on 14 June.This is a testament to the success of dog cloning through gene editing with somatic cell cloning technology.


Second Country Mastering Somatic Dog Cloning Technique

Dogs are one of the most difficult animals to be cloned. The cloned dog also made China the second country to master somatic dog cell technology after South Korea. This somatic cell cloning technique will work for dogs. Given China lacks significant working dogs, including police dogs, sniffer dogs, and guide dogs. They are difficult to breed and most are bought from abroad. The training base of Nanchang police dogs has expressed interest in somatic cell cloning technology and is now discussing possible cooperation with Sinogene. This technology will also benefit pet owners who have established strong ties with their dogs. So they do not have to be sad if their pets have died because they can clone their pets.

Because cloning has some issues with morality many countries refuse to take part in this kind of practice. I don’t┬áthink cloning is morally┬ádefeated. If that helps us to understand more about humans then no one should have problems with that. what do you think? let us know your thoughts in the comment section down bellow.