Mcdonald’s have a unique way to stop the drunks in restaurant


Who wants drunk people in their restaurants? surely McDonald’s doesn’t. Drunk customers can make other customers feel uneasy. If everything is orderly, then visitors feel a sense of comfort in the restaurant. However, what if there are drunks who can disrupt the restaurant situation? The restaurant staff will try to calm the customer. But if that’s not enough McDonald’s have a special trick under their sleeves.

Tricks To Stop Drunks In Restaurant

Drunks can indeed unsettle the people around them. To stop these drunkards going all crazy in McDonald’s they use an unusual method. The trick is to play classical music. Classical music is believed to calm the minds of people who are drunk. Classical music can launch dopamine that can stimulate pleasure. This method is believed to work fine on drunks. The application of the trick was first performed in Glasgow, Scotland. At that time, violence was on the rise and they tested the trick for two years. last year a man ended up in jail for fighting at McDonald’s. Later, there was another report of a young man spraying a security guard with a fire extinguisher at a restaurant in Newcastle, Sydney.

The Application of Classical Music to McDonald’s

Classical music is  well known for its nature. Classical music spells a magic on everyone. It can calm anyone’s soul and can make drunkards people friendly. Scientists are trying to find the relation between classical music and our mind. Most of all this study hope to find a way to relieve stress in depressed people. I really like the idea of using music rather than using medicine. Music has a very intricate history with humans. Early humans even started communicating with music probably before developing complex language.

Do you like classical music? I certainly do. I think this method is useful in certain situations. If we can use this method to calm people in stressful areas then why not. And to every drunkard in the world please be a little bit more responsible. I know drinking is a fun way to spend time with friends or alone. But please make sure your fun time doesn’t bother someone else. What’s the point of fighting with people for small issues?. Probably you will regret your actions next morning. We should come together and make this world a better place for everyone. I don’t see any point in fighting with others. Let’s submerge in the world of classical music. Feel the vibe flowing through your veins.