Conversation starts between Trump and the governor of Guam amidst the North Korean threat


What’s this recent threat?

North Korea had recently threatened the island of Guam. The threat came this past week. North Korea is planning to launch missiles directed towards Guam. They are to launch this attack by mid – August apparently.

Guam initiated

Eddie Baza Calvo (R) is the reigning governor of Guam Island. He initiated the conversation with Trump. This comes soon after Trump told the media that he hadn’t talked to Eddie yet. Calvo posted a video on Facebook. In this he said that he is not only the governor of Guam but also a citizen of India. He also said that he had never felt more secure and confident with Donald Trump to protect them. He further said that Trump is a lover of peaceful solutions. He trusts him very much.


Trump’s response

Trump had replied Eddie assuring him of the safety. He said he needn’t worry. He also said that Eddie was getting famous for this instance. According to him, whole world was talking about Guam and Calvo. He further said that the tourism is going to increase tenfold in Guam. He thinks of Guam as a very beautiful place.

Meanwhile, the tensions have increased manifolds between U.S and North Korea. North Korea’s successful test of intercontinental ballistic missile recently has elevated the heat. It seems that actually no one wants a peaceful solution. Calvo is supporting the aggressive strategies of Trump. And it is all happening amidst the North Korean threat.