Colorblind People Can Now Re-Calibrate Their TV’s Colors with the New Samsung App, SeeColors


Samsung has partnered with Pro. Klara Wenzel of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to bring colorblind people a new TV experience. The new app, called SeeColors will enable people to adjust color settings on their TV sets to suits their needs.

The tech company noted that over 300 million people in the world suffer from a condition called Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) which makes it hard for a person to recognize colors. Samsung also noted that many people with CVD problem don’t even know about it.

Samsung says that SeeColors can diagnose and identify the type of CVD a person is suffering from as well as its level. Professor Wenzel developed the blindness level test, called the C-test which employs mathematical models and color filters to determine Color Vision Deficiency levels; the test works on both television and mobile gadgets.

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According to Samsung, the App works on all QLED television sets and comes preinstalled on the 2016 SUHD Samsung TV models.

Samsung’s visual display vice president, Hyeongnam Kim said that the company is dedicated to making everyday life smarter for people using technology and innovations. He added that the launch of SeeColors for QLED television “embodies this mission by providing users with a way to address one of the world’s biggest optical challenges through the latest technologies and visual displays.”

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For TV sets that do not have the App already, you can download SeeColors from the smart TV’s app store or the Android mobile phone’s Google play and galaxy app store.

The app will diagnose your colorblindness level and re-calibrate your TV color display based on the data.

Let colorblindness not stop you from enjoying the beauty of this world brought close to you by the Samsung TV, enjoy every bit of it. Use Samsung’s SeeColors to see the right colors on your TV programs, movies or music videos.