A Citizenship Robot just came in Saudi Arabia


A great and strange for mankind that Saudi Arabia granted a citizenship to a robot at the future Investment. It was held in Riyadh on Wednesday.

Her name is Sophia. She is a cheeky and remarkable intelligent creation by Hong Kong Company Hanson Robotics. In a video, Sophia stood behind a podium. She entertained the crowd in a demonstration of her capacity for human expression.

Sophia excited:

She told the audience that she is feeling very proud of that unique distinction. And she also said that it is a history to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship.

A journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin started a conversation with Sophia and stated with his observation that she looked very happy.

Sophia responded him that she is always happy when surrounded by the smart people who are going to be rich and powerful. She told the people there at Future Investments are interested in inviting in future initiatives. It is which means AI. That is nothing but Sophia. So she was happy and little excited.

Communication with people:

A journalist said that the people at Future Investments are very selective in what they invest in. In response, Sophia told that she is very special and can use expressive face to communicate with the people.

Emotions can understand:

Sophia explained her need that she wanted to live and work with the humans so that she needs to express the emotions to understand and can build the trust with people.

Another worry is about the future of the AI. That is Sophia is to be addressed was the question of whether the robots should be self- aware and conscious like humans.

A young entrepreneur said that Saudi Arabia is in the midst of economic, social and developmental transformation and it is now clear that it will be more than ever for the business dreamers.

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