China’s New Step To Clean Smog Choked Cities

smog cities

China is planning to widen the use of ethanol. They are planning to use the Ethanol nationwide by 2020.  The need of this comes because of smog and increasing fossil fuel demand.

More projects

Various more initiatives are also added in this series to clean up the country. Government is taking initiatives to rediscover the smog covered cities and to control surging demand for imported oil. The government is also focusing on the electric car projects and spending a lot of money to reduce smog. Heavy taxes are also imposed on the vehicles having large engines.

According to cabinet’s national energy administration, China has a plan to develop the demonstration facility. It will produce 50,000 tons of ethanol every year by 2020. The same thing would be extended to commercial scale by 2025. An unidentified NEA official also quoted that it is an ideal alternative to fossil fuel.

Other processes

In 2004, China has started producing ethanol from corn. But in 2007, the use of food crops to make the Ethanol was banned. This would give rise to the producers to use some other material to produce Ethanol.

China is also the biggest energy consumer in the world. China is also the largest auto market. According to Xinhua, ethanol is added to one fifth of the total gasoline produced in China.

Countries perspective

Other governments like Brazil and the United states also need 10 percent to 85 percent ethanol contained in gasoline. This standard is set to minimize emissions and petroleum demand as well. Around 10 percent of Ethanol would be required according to Xinhua.

Deputy Industry Minister of China also spoke on this matter. He said that Beijing is developing a structure to check the production of traditional fuel cars.

In July, France and Britain also announced the plans to control over the fuel demands which is similar to this.


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