Chemical Plant Explodes Twice Due to Hurricane Harvey

chemical plant

Chemical plant Crosby Texas explodes twice. It sent black smoke into the air. It also caused an intense fire which burned continuously.  Authorities gave the alert. The blast can occur again. The reason for the further blast was that the chemicals were not stored in the suitable temperature. Residents which are in the radius of 1.5 miles from Arkema Inc. plant were shifted to a safer place on Tuesday. Officials said that the level of water was very high and risky for the workers. They were not able to access the condition from the ground.

People’s Reaction

Richard Rennard the president of acrylic monomers, America for Arkema Inc. speaks up during a news conference that this is not over yet. The situation is getting very serious. He wants the people to keep the radius in consideration. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said that the smoke caused irritation in the eyes and throats of many officers. These officers were examining the location. Some of these officers even went to the hospital for precautions. He also said that the location was like standing on something which produces smoke in your eyes.

No Electricity in the Plant since Sunday

The level of the water in the plant is more than 40 inches due to Harvey. There is no electricity in the plant from Sunday. The plant is used to produce organic peroxides. Organic peroxides are used in the products which are of daily use. The material must be stored in cool place, or it will lead to the chemical reaction which will cause the fire. The organic peroxides were stored in nine containers with no electricity.

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