Chaos in Spain after an attempted Terror attack post Barcelona!

The Barcelona Terror Attack

Police encountered five suspects

The police spoiled the plans of another terror attack in Spain recently. The people of Spain were not even recovered from the Barcelona attacks when this happened. Recently, the police shot dead five people. They were the suspects of carrying out another terror attacks. The attempt for the same happened in Cambrils. The police confirmed the news on Friday.

Terror in Cambrils

According to the state-run RTVE, the plan of the suspects was similar to that of the Barcelona attacks. They also panned to drive a vehicle into the pedestrians just like the Barcelona attack. The suspected injured seven people. Two of them are in serious condition. The authorities have added that there were bomb belts on the suspects.

The related incidents

The local radio RAC1 interviewed Interior Minister of the region Joaquin Forn. Forn said that the recent attacks may be linked to each other. He said that the latest incident somewhat followed the same trail as the attacks in Barcelona.

The attack in the seaside resort town of Cambrils was foiled by the police. Cambrils is situated 70 miles away from Barcelona. Barcelona experienced something similar just a few hours before Cambrils.

The Barca Tragedy

The terror activity took place in Barcelona first. A van driver rammed his van in a crowd there. The attack killed at least thirteen people. More than hundred people were injured in the accident. As per the regional president of Catalonia, a minimum of three people have been arrested as suspects. The SITE Intel Group reported that ISIS had claimed responsibility for the terror attack on Thursday.