CCleaner Malware Targeted Large Tech And Telecom Companies


CCleaner is a staple on every technician and IT professional’s pc. Malware discovered in CCleaner. This has put millions of users at risk. And this made worrying to the security researchers.

The malware wasn’t an ordinary hack but it seems a universal attack. The attackers were targeting the internal domains with the second stage payloads. Other targets are large technology and telecommunication companies which are in the U.S and some European countries. It is based on Avast and Talos. The Singapore and the U.K telecoms was the major for domains for targeted.

Second-stage payload:

Researcher’s estimates 700000 computers were exposed to the malware attack. The time when the server was seized, attackers used the second-stage payload to get the information and attacked by using the malware.

APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) was designed to deliver the second-stage payload. The second-stage payload is designed to collect data and providing determined access to any infected devices for selected users. That was according to hacker’s organization server. Avast indicates that there are hundreds of systems who received the threat

Targeted companies:

According to Talos, the Targeted companies include Intel, Sony, Epson, MSI, Samsung, and HTC. As they are possessing high sophisticated IP/ Trade secrets.


A previous model of CCleaner was disclosed before last week, as it had the power to deliver the malware to unaware users.

Talos recommended restoring from the backup or reimaging the systems for making sure the malware is deleted.

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