Category 4 Hurricane Maria Storm Hits Puerto Rico


For 89 years, Puerto Rico has not witnessed anything like what they saw on Wednesday morning. The category 4 storm, Hurricane Maria crashed the American territory with life-threatening wind moving at a speed of 155mph.

The National Hurricane Centre reports show that the storm hit the town from the south east near Yabucoa town at 6:00 am. ET. A storm’s eye was seen 15 miles from the San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Capital, at this time, Maria was at 13mph. Although the speed had dropped to 145mph by 9:00, the storm still threatened to bring severe damage to the city.

Maria is expected to cause up to 25 inches of rain to Puerto Rico and 16 inches to the Virgin Islands. The storm might also bring several tornadoes to the Island.

Reports by a weather station 43 miles from Puerto Rico’s capital said that the storm had dropped to a sustainable wind speed of around 71mph and a wind gust of around 91mph.

When it hit the Caribbean Islands, Hurricane Maria was at category 5, the strongest storm ever, and it is reported to have left one person dead as it swept through the Island on Monday morning.

Speaking with news reporters, Puerto Rico’s Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said that Hurricane Maria threatens to be much intense and devastating than Hurricane Irma, which left over 70 people dead in the Caribbean and South East of America earlier in the month. Thousands of the Island residents remained under shelters as thousands more tried to evacuate.

Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico had not seen a storm like this since 1928 when the Okeechobee Hurricane swept through Puerto Rico after torturing the Virgin Islands. The Hurricane killed 300 people and left behind a trail of unimaginable destruction, later hitting Florida.

The Okeechobee Hurricane remained in records as the strongest storm to ever hit the North American territory, leaving more than 4000 thousand people dead. Most of the fallen were poor black residents of South Florida, who lived near Okeechobee Lake. Their bodies were buried in one grave.