You Can Now Delete and Retract Wrongly Sent WhatsApp Messages


You remember those WhatsApp messages you send, and then you’re like, “what the heck did I just send?” Many are the times you wish you could rewind time and undo the mess. Now you can do that, WhatsApp has added a new feature that allows you to delete and revoke messages that you sent to the wrong person within seven minutes.

The Facebook-owned messenger has been testing the feature throughout 2017, and now, the over 1 billion+ WhatsApp users can finally avoid the embarrassment of sending weird messages to the wrong people.

However, for you to enjoy this freedom, you and your recipient must have the latest version of WhatsApp which is coming out gradually within the week; which is not so pleasing but. Hopefully, the company will make it possible for us to delete for everyone despite the version installed on recipient’s handset.

The current delete option only deletes the messages from your handset but remains visible to group chats or your recipient.

For you to retract the messages, you select a text and choose delete; a drop-down menu will appear with another option of “delete for everyone,” choosing that option will delete messages from both your side and the recipient.

Not Fully Effective

As the service is still new, the deletion might not always work. The recipient might still see your messages, and the worst part is that WhatsApp will not notify you when the command fails to effect.

All in all, the inclusion is a significant relief for those messages you send while drunk, or nude photos you intend for your boy/ girlfriend and they end up in your father’s/ mother’s inbox.

For more information about the feature, visit WhatsApp FAQ page.