You Can Earn Steam Wallet Money For Free By Using This Method


Yes, you read that right! You can earn some cash for you steam wallet by just playing games. Later you can use the credit to buy more games on steam There is a feature in Steam that you probably don’t know. The feature is “Steam Trading Cards.” Interested to know how it works? So hang on! In this article, I’ll show you how to earn money by playing games on steam by Steam Trading Cards

Steam Trading Cards

When you buy a Steam game, You can look if the game supports trading cards or not. See the picture below:

Now if you bought the game that support steam cards you can check in badges section of profile that how many cards the game support

Next you just have to play the games and Steam randomly drops a card after few hours of game-play. Play more hours to get more cards. Now you have some steam cards time to earn some steam credit!

Earn Money By Playing Games on Steam

A complete set of trading cards in required to craft badges and level up your steam account. You cannot get complete set of cards by playing. To complete the set one have to buy some cards from steam trading card market. So here is the deal. You have few cards of a game and another person want these cards to complete his set. Now you will sell those cards to that person for money and get steam wallet credit. In short, play games, get cards and sell them on market place and Earn Money By Playing Games on Steam

The market place is already over flooded with people selling their cards. Don’t expect for prices to rise. Sell them as quickly as possible. For more guide, tips and tricks on this topic, Read the source article here

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