Instagif: Camera That Prints Instant GIF’s !!!


Polaroid camera had their own craze. Printing photos as soon as you take them. Ever wondered Polaroid camera that prints GIF’s as soon as they are created?. Yes this kind of camera exists. Instagif is the name of the camera that prints instant GIF’s. It sounds pretty much fun. You hold a camera in your hand, Press the shutter, Record a video and instantly get a print to view it.

Instagif:¬†Polaroid Camera That Prints Instant GIF’s

Abishek Singh, A developer created a Polaroid camera that prints instant GIF’s inspired my old school polaroid cameras. The camera looks like a Polaroid camera and functions like one too. You record a GIF and the camera prints it instantly

How it Works?

Just like traditional Polariod camera, You press button to record you GIF. Unlike traditional one, Instagif spits out a cartridge. The cartridge contains a LCD in which you GIF is recorded. The cartridge even gives slowly fade in effect. Just like traditional picture printed from Polaroid camera.

The camera is a fun invention. The inventor even shared the codes for other developers so that they can develop one too.

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Source: This guy created a Polaroid camera that spits out moving GIFs

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