California’s Apple Repair Center Is Making Emergency Calls Without A Reason


There is no emergency, but the 911 dispatchers get about 20 calls every single day from Apple repair center. The iPhone repair center located in California, Sacramento County, has so far made more than 1,600 emergency calls since October last year.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO had to intervene in the matter concerning the unstoppable daily calls. Apparently, the repair center is accidentally making the emergency calls. It is purported that these calls occur from iPhone during the repair practice.

The tech giant gave a statement saying that it is aware of the 911 calls and knows that they come from its repair facility. The company added that it is conscious of how serious the matter is and is working hand-in-hand with the local authorities to look into the cause of the issue and find a solution to the problem.

Jamie Hudson, a police dispatcher, said that whenever an emergency call comes in,    it displays the call’s physical address. Apple’s repair center, Elk Grove shows up more often, and whenever they answer the call, there is no one on the other side of the line, but    only background voices about Apple and repair matters.

How To Make An Emergency Call From An iPhone

For you to make an emergency call from Apple’s iPhone 8, you have to long-press the side button and then press either the up or low volume while still holding the side button. An emergency SOS pops up on the screen. You then can release the button and scroll to make the call.

On the other hand, you can make the 911 call by long-pressing the side button and either of the volume buttons; then the phone starts a countdown you don’t release the buttons until the end of the countdown. Then, the iPhone will make an automatic emergency call. The process is applicable even to iPhone X users.

But for the older handsets including iPhone 7, you can press the side button five times in a row to make the 911 call.