The bus conductor was rewarded only two bags of candy after returning 1.12 Millions of Thai Balt cash to doctor


Recently story of a honest bus conductor started surfacing all over the internet. The noble bus conductor returned 1.12 million THB (29,000) and got two bags of candy in return. Therefore it is very obvious that 2 bags of candy was not the right reward for such a huge amount of money.

Sumon Matidul works as the conductor of bus no. 511 which runs on the outskirts of Bankok. On that misfortune day, the man forgot the bag full of cash on his bus seat. Hence when she found the bag she took it to the Samut Prakarn police. Sumon remembered the face pretty well and described that to the police.

When the man noticed that he had lost his bag went to the Prakarn police station. There he got his money bag and gave 2 bags of candy as a reward to Sumon. Most of all Suman was pretty happy with that and gave the candies to her child.

The identity of the man is not known but we do know that he is a doctor. Sumon told in an interview “I thanked him. I said ‘I have debts too, and I completely understand. I mean, put yourself in his shoes. I’d cry if I lost THB500”. She also added “Even though he’s a doctor, the money was to pay his family’s debt. He said it wasn’t even enough,” 

Finally, the man apologized to her and explained that the money was for paying his debt. But her honesty was not unnoticed. Therefore Bangkok Mass Transit Authority gave her a certificate. Furthermore, a former Chulalongkorn University professor named Prof. Theeraporn Verathaworn gave her THB 15000 (USD 450). They organized a small ceremony and handed over the cash.

Some people mocked the doctor for being ungrateful and dull. Yet Sumon is totally ok with that and thinks that 2 bags of candy was not a bad reward. We should learn to do good things without expecting anything in return. If everyone can become selfless like Sumon the world would be a better place.

Still 2 bags of candy? seriously bro?.