Breaking News! Aaron Carter opens up about his Sexuality in a Letter!


Star singer wrote that the confession doesn’t bring him any shame

Recently, Aaron Carter had revealed that during his teenage, he started to find both boys and girls attractive. As per him, this confession didn’t bring him any shame; but on the contrary, it set him free from a burden. Later asserted he said that he didn’t drink liquor and police had compellingly snatched him out of his car.

Carter relieves himself of the weight

Carter firstly expressed his love for his fans. The 29-year-old singer then said that he needed to share a few things about himself and his identity that had been weighing him down from his teenage.

Aaron revealed about his sexual life and interests and is not ashamed anymore

Carter said that he had been carrying that weight for a very long time and would like to free from it now. As per his mentioned post on Twitter that he started to find boys and girls attractive at the age of thirteen. He was only after some relationships with a girl when he experienced something different at the age of seventeen. He said that he had his first experience with a familiar male with whom he worked and grew up with and was attracted to.

Music is still the Soul

Aaron Carter wrote that music had always been like a temple to him. According to him, music would always be the one to transcend all people and himself. Carter says that music studio had always been his safe haven.

This bold move of his is being appreciated all around by his fans and others.