Bodybuilder Monk Stealing Hearts In Viral Online Pictures


Pictures of a bodybuilder monk are going viral like crazy. He is the hunkiest monk you have ever seen through the identity of the monk is still unknown. Have a look at the pictures.


The pictures are being shared like crazy in Thailand. Even the picture is not new. Most possibly the pictures are from 2011. The online community is divided into two. Some people are even saying that he did bodybuilding before becoming monk. Some are saying the act of bodybuilding is sinful for a monk. Others think he did the right thing.

Most possibly the monk shared his pictures to raise awareness about monk’s health. He wanted to see that monks exercising in order to preserve their health. Staying fit reduces many diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Though some people are opposing him, I think he has done nothing wrong when compared with other crimes some Thai monks committed this year. Like partying, or money laundering or evading cops and even committing rape.

The post went viral because he is “HOT” and also because the two groups of people kept arguing on the matter. Though no one had the clue if it was sinful or not.

In Thai tradition, many people ordain at some point in their life. He might have been a weightlifter before he ordained. No matter what, keeping fit body is something everyone must do.

So, what do you think? Do you exercise or you are kind of laid back (like me). Let us know in the comment section below.


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