BMW drivers to enjoy in-car Skype thanks to the BMW-Microsoft deal


We all are well aware of the partnership going on between BMW and Microsoft. Last year they collaborated together and introduced Microsoft office in BMW cars. This was a bold step by the car corporation, where they announced that was the future.

The recent step is even better. BMW has now introduced in-car Skype access for calls and messages. The feature will be specific for some BMW car Models, but there is a possibility that they will roll out the feature for subsequent models in the near future.

Engadget published that this feature was first introduced by the Volvo car corporation. So the trophy actually belongs to them. Primarily, the car Skype feature was enabled in order to prove that cars could become more than just a ride home.

Questions have since been raised over the impact of this car feature on our roads. The major concern being, will the feature help drivers stay in touch with their work? Or will it become yet another accident causing distraction on our roads. We can argue that this step is a good gamble (on behalf of Microsoft,) since by introducing such features they have made a point that technology can be introduced anywhere and everywhere.

BMW Vice President Dieter May said that adding Skype to iDrive ensures their customers get a far better driving experience. Not only will they enjoy riding in their cars but also attend to work too. If you are stuck on a long ride and want to stay in touch with your office, these cars are exactly what you need.

Microsoft has been working hand in hand with automobile corporations to provide services to their clients wherever they are. By enabling these features they have transformed cars to mini offices. The Skype enabled cars will be introduced in UK, Germany, and France.

Skype calling in your car has never been this easy. The corporation is looking forward to enhancing the experience of their customers and achieve better results in future.