The bloody region where the terrorists drive out the hosts in Myanmar

mrauk u

Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung townships, the northern Rakhine (Arakan) state of Myanmar is bloodied by the Bengali terrorist on the last Thursday and Friday. From August 25 to 28,the Bengali terrorists attacked 66 times to boarder guard outposts,14 times to security forces during clearance operation and  they planted mines 16 times.

The terrorist set fire six outposts and nine villages in those area. In the last October 9 attacked,ten polices lost life and seven were injured. From October 9 in 2016 to August 28 in 2017,20 administrated body,10 ethnics and 33 aliens were killed. Three people from the admin body ,10 ethnics and 24 aliens have gone missing.

Rakhine people were killed by extremist bengali terrorist

Chairman of the Advisory Commission  Kofi Annan strongly condemned the attacks and he also said he was saddened to hear the loss of life of members of the security forces. The US and British embassies in Myanmar  also announced that they strongly condemned the Bengali terrorists. Now Myanmar Tatmadaw is operating to fight against the Bengali terrorist in this region.

Historically, the Arakan(Rakhine) was one of the richest ancient empire of Rakhine Dynasty in the south east Asia. They are originally the host of this region.They are Buddhism inherently and their last ancient city is Mrauk U, not so far from Sittwe, the city of Rakhine state. Actually the Bengali, now they name the Rohingya, was from Bangladesh and they sneaked in this region before 1948,the independence of Myanmar(Burma). So they are all different from Rakhine in religion, skin complexion and language. Myanmar has 135 ethnics and there is no Rohingya in Myanmar. They are only the Bengali and their  aim  is to occupy the region. Now in there, they are majority and Rakhine ethnic is minority in population. They are only terrorist and they are driving out the host. Now they are terrorizing the region bloody and they are continuously propagating and cheating rumours to the world by using some powerful media. So the world should learn and know the truths  and the realities of this region. The truths are never concealed.Let the world be peaceful!