Bitcoin Millionaire Erik Finman Challenges the CEO of JP Morgan to A Boxing Match

Finman vs Jamie

Bitcoin news are spreading all over the world today. According to the report , Erik Finman becomes bitcoin millionaire at 18 years old. Finman invested $1000 in May, 2011 and this made him a good investment. When the bitcoin price is higher and higher, Finman was able to build his own startup and later he sold the company with 300 bitcoins at 2015.

When the bitcoin price hit to 2710 per BTC, Erik Finman becomes a millionaire. Now, the bitcoin price is rise over $5000 per BTC and this makes more profit for Finman.

In this week, Finman has had some words for Jamie Dimon,the CEO of JP Morgan for calling ordinary bitcoin investors “stupid”. And Jamie Dimon said he would fire any employee trading bitcoin. A few big-name including Jamie from Wall Street are embarcing bitcoin and calling a “fraud” like financial crimes. So Finman is asking Jamie Dimon to join him in a boxing match to raise fund for the natural disaster victims in Puerto Rico. Finman said “ Jaime,  I’ll put $100000 into a Puerto Rico Charity if you ‘re balls enough to fight me in the ring.”

Finman told that he sold a couple of bitcoin for last week .Now he has around 401 bitcoins and makes him pretty happy. And he also has some other coins such as etherum,litecoin and some money in some ICOs as well. Finman told that the price of bitcoin will be over $10000+ in this two to five years.

Anyway bitcoin is the king of value than the gold and other currencies right now and also  so many rumours about it. I think 21st century is the race of virtual and real currency. Which one will be a winner.? Time will prove it.