Bitcoin again goes on Hiking! Read the complete story to know more!


Bitcoin crosses the $3000 mark for the first time

In its history of three years, the world renowned online cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has attained its highest value ever going beyond $3000 last weekend. This is being seen as a great landmark in the field of digital currencies.

What are the exact figures?

As per CoinMarketCap, the value of Bitcoin rose by 5.6% within twenty-four hours reaching a record high of $3415 for one Bitcoin. It has not been long since Bitcoin crossed the $2000 mark three months ago.

The shocking revelation!

If we go into detailing, as to what’s the current value in dollars of all the Bitcoins at present, then the figures may come as a shock to you. The total value of all the Bitcoins that had been issued in the US $56 billion, which accounts to 5600 crores of Indian currency. It is also being expected that this rate of elevation in value is only going to increase in the near future.

The future of Bitcoin

This cryptocurrency has managed to fly beyond the wildest expectations of any person regarding what a digital currency could achieve. Though witnessing some falls in its lifetime, Bitcoin has somehow left everyone in awe. Bitcoin’s value rose by $3000 in a matter of just three months. At this rate, it may be safe to say that Bitcoin is marching towards becoming a universally accepted currency. Bitcoin Cash, the 4th most valued cryptocurrency, is a new competitor in the arena.