Biker Brutally Beaten By Cop For Not Wearing Helmet, Watch The Video Here..


The cops are meant to protect the law and the citizens of it but sometimes they just cross the line. It is outrageous on a cops part to literally try to kill a man just for not wearing a helmet. That might sound crazy but that is what happened on 23rd November in Kanyakumari.

Now we all clearly know that wearing a helmet is absolutely necessary if you are driving a motorcycle. As a result, there are certain ways to enforce laws so that people wear helmets for their own good. Though in past years we are seeing more and more unnecessary violent reactions from cops. This time a cop brutally hit a biker with his lathi onto his face and left him bleeding. The video of this incident was caught on a CCTV camera.

The attack made a large wound on the bikers head and he was almost killed in this incident. The cops are yet to be identified and people are demanding necessary steps against them.

The video of this incident was released by the Times Now. It shows the cop using his stick like a baseball bat to hit the mans face.

Brutal Cops

What is your opinion guys? did the cops do the right thing or they should be punished? Let us know in the comment section down below?

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