The Best VR Games Of 2017

VR games

2017 has witnessed a lot of technology inventions; from full electric trucks to super gaming machines, and sleek ARM-powered laptops. It was an excellent year for VR games lovers too.

We know that not everyone has had their hands on the best games of the year, yet, and that is why we’ve rounded up this list of top 4 VR games of 2017.

Resident Evil 7-Biohazard

This game places you (the player) in a twisted and horrifying mansion. It tracks back to already explored environments and leads right to a new line of threats. Resident Evil 7 is entirely different from other resident evils, in that, it lets you switch to a first-person view.

Resident Evil 7- Biohazard is available PlayStation VR from £49.99.

Elite Dangerous

For those who dream of exploring the space, playing Elite Dangerous is the closest you can ever get to enjoy the real thing; that is if you will never get to tour the space.

Frontier Development designed this game to be the largest historical space simulation. The game gives you (the player) free reign in a world of over 400 billion systems of stars. A slight percentage of these stars are designed based on real-world astronomical data. The rest are algorithmically created using modern world scientific models.

Frontier didn’t initially create this as a VR game, but the developers have further upgraded it to be the best VR game ever designed.

Elite dangerous is Available to buy on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift from £19.99.

Lone Echo

Lone Echo is the first room scale Oculus Rift VR game ever to launch. In this game, the developer tells a story of an advanced robotic assistant who is in charge of a space station, and at the same time conducting scientific research.

Things happen a little bit fast, with one thing leading to the other, and soon a space anomaly takes place and brings everything down. It is now the duty of the robotic assistant (you) to investigate and find out what went wrong.

Lone Echo is available for purchase at Oculus Rift starting from £29.99.


Spark first started as a virtual reality sport, but it’s now an exclusive PlayStation VR game. Playing this game, you are supposed to take out your opponent by hitting them with a bouncing flying disk. And you’re not just throwing them a flying fireball; they’re also throwing theirs at you.

You can throw your ball with one hand, and deflect the opponent’s ball with the other. The game is more interesting if you get used to playing against a human player in VR than playing against a machine.

You can buy spark from PlayStation VR at £24.99.