Best New Features Of Android O


The developer preview of the new Android O has been out for a while. Google is developing new Android versions pretty fast and as a result, we are already halfway through the alphabet. The new Android O will not be much different than Android N. It has little tweaks here and there over Android N. The new tweaks are mostly interface related. We managed to figure out some of the best new features among them. Let’s shed some light on some of the best new features of Android O.

Lock Screen Customization 

Lock screen customization is a brand new feature of Android O. It allows you to customise your lock screen and add different shortcuts. Therefore you can add pretty much any app you want. I can see this feature is essential for most of us. You can literally add your most used apps and save some time. This feature is available in the system UI tuner and you can access it from there.

Contextually Aware Text Selection Dialogue

Whenever you select a plain text on android it shows many options like cut, copy and share. On Android O the selector is actually context-aware.  As a result, when you select an address a google maps link will appear and you can access the address on google maps by just one click. Or if you select a phone number it will give you a link to call that number and you can make the call from there. I think this feature can be very useful in dad to day life.

Customizable Navigation Buttons

Another cool feature of the new Android O is the customizable navigation buttons. Consequently, this feature is also buried in the system UI tuner. You can choose between compact, left leaning or right leaning set of buttons. It also allows you to add one or two more buttons on your navigation screen. This feature will help left-handed people or those who have small hands.

New Settings App

This is the biggest change in the Android O. Google made the new settings a lot cleaner and therefore less messy than the older generations of Android os. Now there are fewer options on the main settings menu but you can still access all the settings options. The whole interface is a lot better now.

What do you think? which one is your favourite ? let us know in the comment section down below.