Best Movies Of 2017 (January – June)

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We are already halfway through 2017 and a lot of movies came out in the first half this year. So we made a list of best movies released so far this year for you to enjoy. This list contains some of the best critically acclaimed movies this year. As a result, these movies might not be the best sellers but guaranteed to be worth watching. The list order is random because I can’t compare any of these movies with others in this list. So being at number one does not mean it is the best.


No was expecting a movie like Split. M. Night Shyamalan’s surprise hit Split is arguably the best movie of this year so far. Starring James McAvoy with multiple personalities as the lead character in the movie. The storyline follows 3 women abducted by him and their fight to escape from him. This movie is arguably the best-thought thriller of recent years. James McAvoy’s solid acting combined with the great story line makes this movie one of the best in this list.


This true story tale follows Ray Kroc played by Michel Keaton and the real-life saga of how the world-famous McDonald’s fast food chain was born. As a result, this movie dives into the dark side of the American dream. Michel Keaton’s top notch performance and the interesting story line makes this movie a projection of the dark side of the business. Therefore you must watch this movie or you will never know what you missed.


Well, you might this is another generic horror movie but if you think that you are quite mistaken. This story is about a young black man who goes to meet his white girlfriends family. This movie is one of its kind provokes thought in many ways. In conclusion Get Out is mystery thriller which stands out from rest of the movies in this genre and delivers a horror comedy experience to the audience.


This new X-Man’s Comic book adaption finds Huge Jackman in a deserted place stuck with a little girl. Consequently, the little girl has the same powers as x-man and he has to save this little girl from bloodthirsty villains. This movie breeds life into the typical x-man character and shows his emotional side. Therefore you should watch this movie as soon as possible if you did not watch it yet.


This mystery horror movie of 2017 stars Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch as a father-son duo. Things start to get crazy when a girls body arrives at night. This movie manages to send chills down on your spine at every moment. One of the best horror movie of recent years. Therefore you should watch this movie but not alone!!

That was our pick for the best movies of 2017. which one is your favourite ? let us know in the comment section.