The Best Free Android Antivirus

android antivirus

Android is the most used mobile phone operating system, and thus, it is also the most targeted by mobile phone malware. Most devices by default restrict installation of apps from unknown sources, allowing only apps downloaded from Google’s own play store.

Google blocks unknown app sources simply because the mobile virus is always hidden in bogus applications. As a result, it is a wise idea to have an antivirus installed on your Android device.

In case you don’t know which antivirus you can have on your phone, you need not worry, we got your back. Here are four of the best and free Android antivirus you can install on your device.


android antivirus

This is an AV-Test award-winning Antivirus for best mobile protection. It features the obvious Antivirus database and a feature that can detect and stop any malwa trying to enter your phone.

AVL can also stop untrustworthy callers using caller blocker. It will also prevent you from malicious and harmful websites using an anti-phishing feature (the sites will not load).

Bitdefender Antivirus

android antivirus

This is an extremely lightweight free mobile malware protection. Other than being light, this app doesn’t run in the background, and therefore your phone will not encounter unnecessary battery usage or data or slow processing. However, the app automatically scans any new apps downloaded on your phone before you install them.

Bitdefender is quite easy to use as it doesn’t require any further configurations after installation.

There is the premium part of Bitdefender which brings additional services like anti-theft on board. The paid services also include real-time protection for chrome browser.

Avast Mobile Security

android antivirus

Avast is a renowned PC antivirus. It’s Android Antivirus is nothing less.

The Avast Mobile Security is not just an ordinary mobile phone scanner; it has extra features that you will not always find in free versions.

These features include call blocker (to block malicious numbers from calling your phone), a powerful firewall and an anti-theft feature that lets you wipe out your handset in the event of theft. You can also remotely lock your handset when it goes missing.

Avast used to be premium, but the company removed the fee and replaced it with paid ads. If you don’t want to be disturbed by these ads, you can pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to get rid of them.

Another very critical premium service of the Avast Mobile Security is the “in-app locking.” With this feature, your phone asks for a pass code before launching some selected apps, which in return will keep you safe from an automatic opening of sensitive apps such as banking apps due to malware or a phishing activity.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

android antivirus

Kaspersky is a big name in the world of Antivirus, with a good reputation in PC protection. The Android Antivirus is very impressive, with the ability to pick and block a malware at a rate of 99.9% (according to AV-Test).

Kaspersky prevents infections by blocking malicious sites and links before launching on your phone.

Kaspersky has a premium section of internet security. When you download the app, you are a given a 30-day free trial version. After that, you can pay an annual subscription of $14.95. The extra features available on the premium service include calls and text filtering.

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