The Biggest Airport Will Start Operating From 2019

beijing new airport

Airports hold a very important position in the modern human society. Almost each and every country is building new airports to make it easier for people to travel abroad or to facilitate people in delivering goods via courier.The airports are built with many facilities to make it easier for people who want to travel. Some of these facilities are a spacious and comfortable lounge, restaurant, and even there is an airport that has a swimming pool. Recently, China built a new airport, which is huge and beautiful. However, the construction of this airport will be completed in 2019. The airport is named New Beijing Airport. Let’s find out some of the key features of Bejing New Airport.

The Beijing New Airport

Beijing New Airport is located in South Daxing, Beijing. This airport will become the headquarter of China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines. This new airport is going to become the new liaison airport in Asia. Beijing New Airport is being constructed on an area of 700,000 square meters. It has a star-like shape with six interconnected terminals and has six runways. China is partnering with BuroHappold Engineering, a contractor who won the tender from the Chinese government to make and decorate the interior of the airport building. The airport is built with Chinese traditional philosophy that’s why the airport is all connected, harmonious, balanced and has a bright feel.

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Existing Facilities at Beijing New Airport

Beijing New Airport is facilitated by train so that passengers coming to the airport can also ride on trains whose path is also under construction. The Bejing New Airport will have greenery everywhere in the building. There are many luxurious shops in the airport. The lounges will be big, bigger than any airport ever built. The airport looks astonishing from the outside. I wonder how gorgeous will it look from the inside. We have to wait 2 more years to witness one of the greatest engineering marvels of the 20th century.