You can now avoid air pollution via Google street view app


Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps introduced in 2007 and provides a 360 ° street view that lets users see parts of their chosen city and surrounding metropolitan area at a basic level. With Google Street View, they can know if the road is jammed or fast. Recently, researchers from Google Street View tried to use it to map air pollution. Then, how can Google Street View map air pollution?

How Does Google Street View Map Air Pollution?

The Google Street View air pollution mapping experiment was based on a study conducted in Oakland California, United States. Why should it be in Oakland? This is because Oakland is an area very familiar with air pollution. Oakland is located between three freeways and a large port. The residents of this area are familiar with the air pollution generated by trucks and ships. Smoke and other hazardous materials are endangering the health of its inhabitants. To find an existing pollution Centre in Oakland, a number of researchers implanted an air quality monitoring tool on two Google Street View car units for a year. The maps of nitrogen dioxide levels can be measured with the help of Google Street View cars. Map of this air pollution uses red, orange and yellow colour. The red colour shows the area with the most severe air pollution. The orange colour shows areas that have moderate air pollution and yellow colour airs the region with normal air pollution.


Avoiding Air Pollution As a Step to Improve Health

This new Google Street View can help you to avoid air pollution. Air pollution must be avoided because it can cause a variety of dangerous health problems. Such as asthma, stroke, heart disease and much more.Pollution is an invisible threat so people can not see it directly. For that reason, this new method of Google Street View can enable people to identify sources of harmful pollution so they can take action to safeguard their health.