Australia planning on unveiling their first Space Agency


Arthur Sinodinos the minister for Australia’s Industry, Innovation and Science department gave an expert review on the Country’s capabilities to participate in the global market of the space industry. During the announcement, he said that the aim is to develop a long-term plan to grow this important and exciting sector and give a report in March 2018.

As we all know Australia doesn’t have a space agency of their own till date. Almost everybody anticipated that an announcement regarding the establishment of a space agency would be made by the country, but as always there was yet another declaration of a committee and review of the space industry.

Labour Senator Kim Carr who is the shadow minister for industry, innovation, science, and research showed his disappointment by saying that the country desperately needed to act towards forming its own space agency.

The federal government has guaranteed it will not discuss anything that relates to the Australian space policy at the IAC conference which is going to be held in September. The eye of the space world is in the country right now and the government is taking no initiative to even plan a space agency let alone establish it.

A decision like this brings a lot of negativity around the countries space community and it does give a vague idea that the government is willing to do nothing about the issue.

There are a lot of activities being carried out by the great minds of the country in a bid to develop the industry which unfortunately lacks the infrastructure support which will materialize the hard work and dream into reality.

Simply, put the timing to entrench a space industry is perfect and the review is a correct walk into the path of achieving the ultimate destiny but sadly it’s not enough by a country mile!