Atari SpeakerHat: Brand Positioning before Blade Runner 2049 hits the cinemas this year


Atari, the pioneer of arcade games, video games, and home computers, has launched a Speakerhat or rather a normal hat WITH SPEAKERS.

According to Engadget, the company has partnered with National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) to launch a limited edition of BLADE RUNNER 2049 Speakerhat. The product’s launch is scheduled for this fall before the film’s debut on October 6.

Atari Life describes their new product as a “baseball-style cap” with high-quality stereo speakers and microphone that connects to a Bluetooth device. It can connect to a smart phone, tablet, laptop, and play music or video audio from a device. It can even start or accept phone calls and receive voice messages. Now, how cool is that?

The Speakerhat is ultra-thin and very light, and the materials used are of high quality. The accessories included in this product include: an Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, Audio/Video Remote Control Profile, Headset Profile, Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Universal Control Button and LED Indicator Light.

Powered by Audio wear and inspired by the movie Blade Runner, this product allows for multiple Speakerhats to be connected to one device and play one audio simultaneously. The product is actually not ready to hit the market yet. But if you want the Atari Speakerhat as soon as it launches you can register as a beta tester in their website and they will choose 10 people among the registrants for the product testing.

The bold move to invest and introduce Atari Speakerhats into the fashion market is proof enough that the brand is willing to push their boundaries to blend in this new generation. Established in 1972, Atari is hoping to make a comeback through the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 movie. That’s easy to notice judging from the fact that the company’s logo is displayed for almost 15 seconds in the said film.

Although Atari tried once to hold active talks regarding a short film about their video game DRIVER with Blade Runner director Ridley Scott and some movie studios in 2004 (as reported by Bloomberg) the film never happened.

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