Astro Launches A Built-in Calendar Feature


Astro, an email assistant app that aims at solving email issues, on Wednesday 24th launched a new version. The 3.0 version with a built-in calendar allows email users to directly flip between inbox messages and upcoming events for their schedules.

Also, another essential inclusion in the app is an Artificial Intelligent Assistant, (AI). The AI assistant helps you to scan your received emails and later recommends the actions to take.

All iOS, Android, and Mac operating system users can access the new calendar feature by updating the app or downloading it. The feature appears at the bottom of Astro’s screen.

The app also comes with Astrobot. This is a built-in assistant that helps you scan your emails, new events and set up reminders for the upcoming events or meetings. Astrobot also allows you to reply to emails, delete or even archive others without leaving the emailing platform.

Also, the new calendar feature comes with tabs at the bottom of the screen. They direct you to your inbox, calendar or settings. Initially, AI features for Astro came in a single chatbot interface, but the latest features are in two tabs: 1. An insights tab; here, you find sensitive emails that include upcoming events, and 2. A bot tab, this tab allows you to talk or type to have things done.

Disadvantage Of Astro

The problem is, Asto’s new built-in calendar feature is only compatible with Gmail accounts and Office 365. But, Andy Pflaum, CEO at Astro said that the company is working on having the feature on other emailing platforms. Pflaum also added that the company has another big project that is working on now, and that is to create features that will support iCloud.

In addition to the calendar feature, Astro also has included a photo avatar option. It also has a mobile app that comes with a bar at the bottom consisting of five buttons.

Anyone can download and use Astro, but its design majorly focuses on business enterprise users, hence the addition of the calendar for event reminders.