Aston Martin to launch an all-electric supercar in 2019


Ranging from Bugattis to Lamborghinis, supercars have had one common attribute for the last one century; they are Gasoline diners. No matter how much effort has been put in developing hybrid supercars, the combustion engine has remained a key part of Supercars. In other words, it has to be a super guzzler, for it to be called a supercar. Not even McLarens’ coveted 2019 BP23 was able to commit to a pure hybrid engine. Why? Well because shifting to a pure Hybrid powertrain, would mean a super lag down from its 240.1 mph top speed; and that wouldn’t auger well for a supercar, would it?

But all this is bound to change. Aston Martin has decided to do the unexpected. The London-based locomotive manufacturer is working on the very first all-electric supercar. The super electric train concept which was first birthed in 2015 has dealt Aston Martin a great deal of funds prompting it to look for further support from other major players in the tech world. This comes at a hard time for the company, following the withdrawal of their financial partner LeEco.

All the same, the production of the very first 800 horsepower electric supercar will continue in Aston Martin’s workshops, although the production has been limited to just 155 cars. The car now popularly branded as the Rapid E is expected to hit the markets in 2019 at an estimated market price of around $255,000. Talking to Reuters, Aston Martin’s CEO Andy Palmer explained that orders will begin being taken as early as next month.

The only hitch towards the success of the Rapid E is the backing down of LeEco from funding the project. This is not the only project that LeEco is backpedaling. Earlier this year, the Chinese tech goliath revoked their commitment to fund $1.3 Billion to Faraday Future factory in Nevada. However, the production of the Rapid E is expected to stay on track till 2019, when the car is launched.

Image By Thesupermat (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons